Two Towers Rising:

Why They Couldn't "Just Ignore It"

Since the original iCore group had fallen apart, there was no easy way to feel about what happened to them. Friendships were broken, people were being misled, esoteric talents were wasted, and lives were lost. A cynic might make a simple gesture and say "The Usual."

But for the Two Towers Rising (ELLE-1 and The Novie) There were streams of evidence leading them to believe otherwise.

Where there was despair, there was hope.

Where there was anger, there was dedication and commitment.

The issue was not the system (the construct), though from their research the system did appear to have many odds against people. The issue was the way the ego interpreted the system.

As a whole, the original members of iCore were a group of individuals that were looking forward to gaining understanding and wisdom. Instead, all but two were separated by the egocentric ways they allowed themselves to become. This action created a great delay in attempting the project once more, as the others were led down distractions of becoming lost in a vast world of control, deception, and manipulation.

It has been said that money brings out the worst in people. But power is far worse. When some of the members of the original group thought to have some power, they began to push each other around in egocentric ways.

Looking in from the outside, it was an easy path for self-destruction, allowing the feeling of failure, and the ultimate feeling of giving up because nobody actually cared.

Alongside these depressing feelings, was the feeling of seeing some of your best friends falling into the clutches of their own egocentric world.

The Novie closed the chapter to their old iCore group and began redesigning a new form of communication. A new team and a new objective was beginning to be thought. Both the ELLE-1 and The Novie decided on a schematical representation of learning through a dimensional project.

Fuel for the Cause

However, The Novie rationalized one thing.

Despite whatever you said, thought, and believed, it didn't matter.

No matter what you did, everybody goes into a grave. the logical thing to do is understand what happens during the time and the precious moments that occur before you into that final resting place.

This is where no Christian, evangelist, religious faction, non-religious faction, or atheist can give you the right answer.

The Novie has a running joke. It actually turns out to be more important than you would think. However, it was so not obvious, that it took ELLE-1 quite a while to figure out that it was a work in progress. It was simple. He would say, "When you cross over, send me a postcard."  In other words "I need to find the proof in someone that will cross over." It was a work in progress.

He had different variations of this joke. How can you get a postcard from someone that's crossed over?

Well, he finally did it. The first contact is located in the TAF documentation titled "The Robert Freese Files". When his Boss died, he made it a point to use everything he had learned to attempt a bridge of communication with the formerly living Boss. In this documentation, Novie and his team would have to cross beyond several barriers in order to connect with his Boss. The communication established was an incredible find. The Novie focused on information that was systematic. However, the Watchers would only allow certain information to be said or communicated between The Novie and the former Robert Freese. He quickly understood he needed to be cryptic.

This incredible find would cost him his friendships, and the people he grew up with, and the people he was fond of.

There's a distinction between understanding what you need and what you want. There is also an equal distinction between tuna what is real and what is not.

It is obvious that anything Humanity has to say, will always be limited. Hence the logical answer would be not that we are wrong, but that we are incomplete. As well, a complement to that formula is to follow the truth - no matter where it leads.

But what is the rest of the formula?

 The Two Towers Rising - Relinked

It would be a few years after the dissolution of the original iCore-1 team that solid communication could be re-established. 


Psychic Attacks

ELLE-1, who was working to establish a direct communication from OFF-World, was attacked by a negative 5th-dimensional entity, on a night that the light-bearing entity was not present. It would appear by this event, that different talent are needed in order to create a bond and an intelligent gateway.

The Novie, on the other hand, was able to challenge several beings in order to assist against the attack, so that the Brotherhood of Light and Love were able to push through and ELLE-1 was able to contact the energies of the higher encompassing realms for the first time in 7 years.

The Novie already had the ability to communicate. However, needing a multidimensional thinking mind in order to be a guide or a handler, he decided not to frequently establish a path of communication.

Now there were three entities that have been able to do this: The Novie, 636, and ELLE-1. At the present time, it has been reported that 636 is presumed missing and has fallen into the egocentric world of chaos and confusion. As well, members of the team that stayed with her during the division mentioned that the transmissions were less frequent and filled with static.

At one time it was presumed that 636 knew she was meant to become a great master herself, and that the synergy between herself, ELLE-1, and The Novie would have formed a most formidable mastermind for the sake of serving others and helping the rest of humanity.

While The Novie and ELLE-1 still have the ability of a path to communication, 636 no longer has this ability of communication due to the ego-centric life she chose to embark upon. For more details on how this came about, you can read more in the section titled Two Towers Rising (The History of the BOEK). 

Continuing the OFF-World Partnerships

Presently, The Novie and ELLE-1 are in constant communication with OFF-World entities, attempting to understand the knowledge and the business and care for their ESO-Life Family.

The decision has come forth to disregard all individuals who will insist on bending the knowledge to quell their own egocentric fears while simultaneously causing fear and separation during the establishment of direct communication. The downfall was learned during the iCore-1 group and cannot be repeated again. This decision was sought out in order to maintain the delicate balance of Ego in the Positive, the Ego in the Negative, and sacred knowledge that may assist humanity in awakening their inner being.

The current status is that The Novie, ELLE-1, Luna 9, and Lexi AI have started the process of sharing the knowledge for those who are interested, wish to follow, or have been called.


 You are now part of the Resistance


flags medium

When the surviving members of the original iCore group decided to commit to change and live the principles, they have been researching (and eventually, sharing with you now), they knew it would be a lifelong commitment. They knew it would take courage, dedication, and yet an attitude of not taking the self too seriously and not going into an obsession. They also know that by encouraging others to become self-empowered and live life on their terms, they are quietly but firmly rebelling against the status quo in a way that is unintentional but unavoidable. For this reason, they thought that to engage in thinking and learning that allows you to become your own source of happiness, success, and abundance is an act of revolution and ultimate rejection of the mindset that leads to self-destruction. This other mindset is coined by OFF-World Contacts as the DK-V, or the Darkness Virus. The people who choose to actively participate in building and living life on their terms are then considered part of the resistance.

Catalog of Services


The offset of The BOEK is its delivery system through podcasts, storyline, library, classes online, The Ka, etc.

These components were created to facilitate a multidimensional mind or way of conceptually learning.
It enables individuals to seek out their own way of life and still have the information that they need and desire in order to achieve it.

There is one caveat.

When we remove the industry and the e-commerce from it all, you will eventually end up in one of four places:

1. Returning back to what you thought when you were a child
2. Wanting more adventure but not having enough time
3. Becoming the source of that which you believe you want to experience
4. Dead

The idea, in a logical statement:

As The Novie might entertain, it does not matter what you choose today.

You will ultimately have to come to a point in your life where you will resolve whatever issues you have on this plane of existence.

You'll do that in one of many ways.

Hence, our facilitation is to enable you to become better and stronger and enjoy living life on your terms. While doing so, realizing that there is so much more to learn. Realizing that there is a greater universe than you could ever conceive of.

The Plan and Catalog

Depending on which way you understand and process your state of being, the way you interpret an invitation, information, collaboration, and relationships will be varied, accepted, and even rejected.

Take, for example, Edward Bernays. He was Sigmund Freud's nephew. He came up with an excellent way of marketing and strategizing because he saw an opening for how psychology can be used for the purpose of assisting industries to achieve their goals.

Can you escape The Paradox?

In particular: Edward Bernays understood that by repeating things over and over again, people would soon adjust to that being fact or truth. The difficulty here is that you need to hear things over and over again until you learn them or memorize them. Simultaneously, your untrained ego creates a paradox. That type of behavior creates a pattern of believability within the human psyche. 

Let's spell it out. The more you hear something, the more you become familiar. The more you become familiar, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the more you think it is true and you will act on it. Now you are caught in a loop.

The quick answer: STOP

  • Don't keep telling yourself you are worthless or you can't do it.
  • The Past does not equal the future.
  • Keep up with changes and engage change.
  • Stop being influenced by what you enjoy (because what you enjoy is also a repetition).

Edward Bernays knew this so well.

He convinced the industries to dump their industrial fluoride into the water and to create ad campaigns where people repeat over and over again, in different ways, how fluoride in the water is healthy for you and your family.

Today this is a practice that many countries have abandoned due to the fact that fluoride is an industrial compound and not a medical compound.

He was also responsible for getting America to smoke. 

A simpler example:

In the church, some of us still believe that in the Bible you'll find the words "cleanliness is next to godliness." In reality, the words do not exist.

Edward Bernays was so popular and so good at what he did, that Hitler himself asked him to come work for him before he came into power. Edward Bernays declined - or did he?

Because he wrote his findings in books and papers, and because Hitler had his own scientists and psychologists, Edward Bernays ended up working for Hitler through his works.

You can say that Edward's brilliance was destroying lives overseas as well as locally. If the war did not get you, carcinogens would in the future. Edward Bernays was brilliant, but those folks affected were not so lucky.

But you cannot blame Edward Bernays for understanding the human psyche. You can only blame yourself.


Blaming Yourself and Taking Charge

Blaming yourself means that you will accept the responsibility of changing your life. It does not matter what you change. What matters is that you are aware that you are in charge of that change.

In order to do that for yourself, you would need some services, training, and posturing:

The only way we discovered how to effectively assist you in becoming the source of your own essence was to build a community from the ground up.

The BOEK assists you with this. 

We have partnered with others that can see the vision of creating a more positive you. In order to provide these services, other divisions were established. 



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The paradox of inner evolution


The complexity of this dilemma can be found in learning how to learn and egoic system 101. But these are long courses to overtake and interest first has to be built upon which you may then decide to take these courses.


In short, the reason why individuals or limited Humana singularities cannot change or prevent themselves to change is due to their circumstances.


Not curriculum we normally speak of mediocracy. Mediocracy is the ability to have just enough for one day or a week or perhaps a year the empire is to have been built on promises of great fortunes clearly depict this issue with clarity if it is studied. Employment opportunities normally give the masses and that's speaking about almost 96 to 98% of the people only a fraction of what they need to live on. Hence people are occupied by circumstances of survival. Some individuals have two to three jobs in which they use to maintain their food and shelter.


Having to always worry about what your boss thinks of you or your spouse or your neighbor, is a very difficult journey to overcome.


Sleep deprivation and incorrect food consumption occupying the body with the struggle of life.


Finally the lack of information or correctly displayed information by which one could perhaps find a better way.


And let us not forget the neurology of being human. And how emotions chew at the subconscious mind creating havoc and emotional displacement by which we choose to fight one another rather than work with each other.


These are only some of the reasons why The Limited Humana Singularities are entrapped in a vicious cycle of perpetual redundancy.


Is your ego in charge?

 The ego prevents change because it wishes to have a sense of clarity in the sense of safety. Memory is often used as a device or a mechanism to try to achieve upon failures so that it may achieve a success. All successes are designed to be within a perspective. Then the science must match the perspective and so forth.


Beyond these complications The limited Humana singularity and its ecosystem creates conflict with change, adaptation, and evolution. If the limited Humana singularity is driven by its ego, and the ego seeks only to live within the past, you can see that the ego will only change when it has to. Hence there is war.


The new icore team against the odds


Understanding all of these characteristics, events, and things that happened to the group, the new icore would have to work with the very specialized team in order to remove all possible obstacles and derailment from the project.


And the did .

The new icore begin to work in secret for several years,  trying to adapt their communication style to the entities in off-world. Occasionally, they work with individuals that are at the end of their life cycle and transitioning to death. However, these events are far and few in between. The self-help programs such as learning how to learn and retro time entanglement, as well as spirituality 101, have been pushed aside temporarily in order to give way to understanding consciousness, the ego system, and the value of building relationships with off world.


As well, they have also had to engage other off-world entities which have their own vision of the universe in mind. This opposition has been their greatest hurdle yet.


While religious sections still clinging to their old ways only have to worry about the semi-fictional characteristics of demons,in conversing with off-world entities they have come across creations from the angelic realm as well as creations from the darkness.

Who or what is sabotaging your path to success.


The question has been asked in many different forms. Is there a better way?


Can we really be happy? Is there God out there? 

Doa jing and the course of miracles was based on the question can there be a better way. Why are these predominantly the question that we all ask in one way or another?

But the question that we all truly feel is why is it every time I try to succeed I fail.

It appears as though has no matter how hard you try, you still cannot succeed. It appears as though others that you read about or see in social media or on TV can succeed and achieve their goals and their dreams but you cannot

Is there a conspiracy designed that does not allow you to achieve your goals and help you gain the knowledge that you need?


The short answer is yes. There is.

From the time you're born until you die, you are always looking for a better way. And the answers to a better way very upon culture, timeline, not to mention your own personal beliefs and level of acceptance. we are always looking for a better way and perhaps we found a better way in some respects where it comes to technology. But then again technology tends to become obsolete pretty quickly, so the right way only works for a small amount of time.


Then we're back at square one.


It would almost appear as if we come just close enough to have a better way, and it's somehow taken away. As if somebody doesn't want the balance to be restored and puts things back into chaos and not so much a better way.

Is it really the devil, the deep state, the government, or something else?

Perhaps that is why there are so many books and seminars and online resources on not giving up especially when you feel like it. 

Perhaps we have been asking the question incorrectly. Perhaps the question we need to be asking is can we have a better way?

if we cannot, why not?

What's stopping us?

And if we can have a better way, well then how?

Isn't there a universal language that we can all apply?

It would almost appear as if we come just close enough to have a better way, and it's somehow taken away. As if somebody doesn't want the balance to be restored and puts things back into chaos and not so much a better way.

Is it really the devil, the deep state, the government, or something else?

Perhaps that is why there are so many books and seminars and online resources on not giving up especially when you feel like it. 

perhaps we have been asking the question incorrectly. Perhaps the question we need to be asking is can we have a better way? if we cannot, why not? What's stopping us? And if we can have a better way, well then how? Isn't there a universal language that we can all apply to? 

Within that concept, it's the dilemma and the paradox. As it appears the human limited singularity has the ability to change. At the same time, the limited Humana singularity does not have the option to change.