Purpose of This Documentation


The purpose of the BOEK-Online and the documentation provided is to collaborate work between what we already have worked on termed OFF-World and all of its components and architecture. Aside from collecting information from other works and pulling from our BOEK project, the dedication of the site is in the integration of information rather than the separation.

What path would you choose?

I'm sure most people would agree that if you had a vehicle that was old, failing, and costly to maintain you'd get rid of it and buy a new one. Perhaps you would research about newer models, and purchase on previous likes and dislikes. Replacing what doesn't work with something that does, which will save you time, money, and frustration. The concept here is that when something doesn't work for a very long time there should be a replacement. Now apply this to your current knowledge base. Using your own knowledge, you would most possibly choose what you would do next or how you would live next. The difficulty in doing this, is that you will always choose what's inside or reside inside your subconscious. If the entry point to expanded knowledge is outside of your realm of understanding, which most probably is, you'll decide that it's not for you for some reason or another.

So which path would you choose and how would you choose it?

Does Your Bias Control You?

Another reason for this particular writing and course of study is that there have been several ways of depicting information.

There are the books that are written in a basic bias. For example, one culture is better than another so each culture will write against each other based on biases and not real data or real information. Secondly to write a book or research anything at all may take years. For that reason, we respect all books and all knowledge that has been attributed to discovering this type of information. However, these works of art also have a certain bias or a type of narrative or tone that may not coincide or collaborate with the unification of ideas. For example, someone who is a carpenter may resolve to carpentry to try to fix everything. That simply means that although the person is trying to be helpful, they can only do repairs or analysis based on what he already knows.

It would be the logical statement to understand that for someone to help objectively, you would have to remove biases unless biases need to be applied, you would have to have vast knowledge of many things (not just your own trade or profession), and you would have to work with the end in mind. Humans have always been fallible in this way. Hence The BOEK had to be redesigned by understanding and comprehending different origins of information in an attempt to place them together as a researcher, scientist, etc., by removing biases where there need not be any.

The Keys to a Clear Path 

In order to do this we needed to create a language that will supplement the way we think and have safety mechanisms within that language in order to be able to maintain a nonbiased course of understanding. Make no mistake, biases are important. It is because of biases that we create things like tires, planes, automobiles, clothing, the materials in clothing, etc. It is true that a bias can help direct you in a certain predestined conceptual realization. But it will never give you the whole truth.

It is easy to see why iCore 1, the original group, failed to create a substantially comprehensive model for this type of information.

Lastly, in order to have knowledge of the subject you have to become part of the subject. That has been the most dangerous part of his journey.

Members of our community and our discipline are well-versed in speaking to entities beyond certain veils using different modalities and methods. While meditation is one of them, so are things like automatic writing, dictation, and yes, the famous Ouija board.

TL FreeMasons 250

Mr. Smarty and the Ouja Board

Here's my point in case. A few years ago, the two surviving iCore 1 members were going to a ghost tour, where a Freemason was giving the actual tour and showing them around Asheville, North Carolina at the time. At the beginning of the tour, there was a certain individual that believed to know everything about the paranormal. Without being insulting and trying to use the word that correctly defines him, he was rather pompous. The individual, let's call him John Smarty, was claiming that he had toured all over the world learning about paranormal events. And also claimed that he had some paranormal encounters. Throughout the tour, John Smarty showed his intelligence by adapting to every situation and adding his input. He was excited to share with the Freemason tour guide some of his ideas and reasons on the subject of how ghosts and spirits could manipulate certain events or haunt certain areas. Our team members said nothing; they only smiled and continued on through the tour.

By the end of the tour, our team members made very good friends with the tour guide, who as I said before, was a Freemason (there is a reason I am emphasizing this).

The tour ended in the museum, which was in the basement of the Freemason building where we had all initially met. It was a small museum showing different tools that were used for ghost hunting in the past. Not so well hidden on one side of the room was the infamous Ouija board. Well-versed in communications adaptations, our members walked over to the board and grabbed the puck. They were just listening. One of the members said aloud "This is vacant. There's nothing here."

At the sight of the Ouija board, Mr. John Smarty turned into Mr. John Fearful rather quickly. "I wouldn't touch that," he said. "Bad things happen to people who touch that." Our team member just looked at him and smiled. However, something surprising happened. The tour guide had been watching and he walked over to them. He bent down underneath where they were standing, opened a drawer and said "Try this one." He pulled out another Ouija board, and the group members took hold of the puck.

The once Mr. John Smarty, change to Mr. John Fearful, almost turned into Mr. John Poopy Pants. The puck on the board began to move rather quickly.

When asked about their experience on this day, the two surviving original iCore 1 members said they communicated on the board through thought. When they thought their questions and projected correctly onto the board, the answers came back. Although the answers were in clear English, the actual answers themselves were cryptic. As a matter of fact, the Freemason tour guide began to explain why the answers were coming back so cryptic. For the Freemasons, they are all considered a brotherhood, and many of them do not leave their spiritual connection until they are satisfied that all has been taken care of. This was in answer to the question, "Why are you still here after hundreds of years?"

Conceptually we would believe that once you leave the body you would like to move on, but this particular entity on the board was not ready to move on.

It is because of these nuances and professionalism that all our practitioners are well-versed in communication and the arts.

Something you should know

We will repeat this for the general public and for general purpose. Never once have we've ever received a threat, or anything negative while communicating to the other side. In fact, it appears more evident that they say that the only things that want to hurt humans are other humans, and humans are the only ones that cause fear and separation amongst themselves. That should put your mind at ease. Nobody wants you.

 A Tip on Creating Your Reality

The importance of this documentation then becomes very important once you understand that you have choices once you move on. You have choices while you're here. And you're probably using the wrong way of communing or communicating. This means that many times you cannot achieve your desires because your language to connect to what they call nowadays "the secret" or we call in our language eventuations, cannot be had. All because of your own fears.

In order to settle this widespread conflict of understanding, the BOEK has created several forms of meaning and disciplines.

Would you like to know what they are so you can increase your happiness?

What we learned is that the very same strategies that we use to communicate and commune are the very same strategies that you can use to fulfill your destiny, enjoy your life, and become that which you wish to become.