[The Importance of the Research]


In many different ways, this research is not important.

It becomes important once you understand how the involution and evolution of life begins. For example, one may come to agree that the research of bacteria and viruses are not important. How many individuals actually research what a bacteria is or the bacteria does for a living? Where do the bacteria go to work, and does he or she have a family?

The fact is that only a small percentage of individuals research such subjects, while the rest of the population will scream and holler about things they do not really know or understand. Perhaps they may never understand. So if you want to believe that your life is as it is, then this research is not important.

However unimportant you may think the subjects are, the bacteria will still find its way to you and that is when you, the individual, decide that it is important enough for someone else to save you. But once you have the cure, you return to life as usual.

Where this became important is when we learned about what happens after death.

Consequently, what happens during your living experiences?

Are your experiences truly your own?

A salesman once taught me that the best sale is where the inception of a thought is given and you, the individual, believed that it is, in fact, your thought.

Where it becomes important is when you realize that the government of today, very much as in Egypt and beyond, have employed almost the same tactics in order to provide enough comfort to the degree that the way you live is the right way and there can be no other way.

It becomes important when you realize that you could have done something to assist in the prevention of your loved one’s death, if only you would have washed your hands of the bacteria.

In the end, you can only find your own importance.