Where We Are Today

It has been years since the original group called iCore-1 and the simple classes of learning how to become a better person have been given. As explained in previous pages, ELLE-1 and The Novie seem to be the two survivors of the original group and have decided to maintain the course of The Path.

Protecting the Fallen

We have given numbers and other names to the folks that once participated in the groups where we can. The original Dictation and LogDates will remain in the vault until further notice. Although MOTHER has declassified many of the writing as important, these logs are written in order to establish some time of order in the writing and the learning.

The Reason We Began

One thing that is certain is that the world we have discovered has its own rules. However, these rules are not like the rules that we are used to. Humans, or the “Humana Singularity”, which means one human with its layers of developmental complexities, usually rationalize that things follow a certain rule. However, being that a Limited Humana Singularity only is truly discovering what has already been created, there are many errors in the ability to precisely understand what is happening in the world around them.

The First Concept

There are however some observable shortcuts. In order to understand these shortcuts, so to speak, there must be a change in how we as the Limited Humana Singularity observe our relative reality.


Our lives began when our lives ended.

It began with a simple question and a simple class. This centered around finding a better way: Was there a better way to live? However, what seemed like a discovery to a new horizon always led into a dead-end. And there always seemed to be an exception to the rule.

Just like when the priest tells you that God speaks to you in mysterious ways, but when you tell him you heard God speaking directly to you (and not the priest), he tells you that you have been misled and are speaking to the Devil.

Or being told, if you work hard it will pay off. Most people do work hard, only to pay off the doctors and the schools and all the other debt they accumulated while working hard to get there. 

It was like a line from a well known Alanis Morissette song: "Isn't it ironic? Don't you think?”

It was like the movie Dark City: “Where is Shell Beach? Do you remember seeing the sun?”


With so many dead ends, the class wondered if there was anything they could do or anywhere they could go. Luckily the class was determined to find the answers.

The class was slowly led into an understanding of conspiracy theories. As was found out later, only The Novie and ELLE-1 approached conspiracy theories as scientists, not whether or not they were convincing, nor as a means of feeling right or important. And even though the conspiracy theories held enough water for maybe a glass, it still did not make sense why human beings would turn on each other as they did. The psychology made sense because it was a limited study of humanity. And we all know that psychology always changes. What did not make sense was the structure of reasoning.


If You Can’t Beat The Devil...Become The Devil?

It almost seemed grim. It almost seemed as if the priest was right - it had to be the Devil.

But how did we know that the priest was not The Devil in Disguise? After all he seems to know more than anyone and denies you the right to know more than he does. As an added benefit, he is pretty charming, or scary.

So were you scared of your priest or attracted to him?

When you think about it seriously, you find that the system of attempting to better oneself leads you into a downward spiral, when left with these questions with no guidance or hope. 

“You must repent” and if you do, “You need to love yourself.”

“You need to work hard” and if you do, “Money is the root to all evil.”

“You need to look your best” and if you do, “You have to hide yourself and not entice others.”

Al Pacino said it best in one of his best scenes from The Devil's Advocate.


It would appear scientifically that we are constantly living in a paradox.

When looking back at the contents of the original class that began this all, this data later pointed to a more directional focal point -  and an invaluable learning concept. 

The only way to figure it out is one of two ways. Either we communicate with something and approach it as separate from ourselves, or we become that thing we are talking to. So in this case, either we talk to the Devil, or we become the Devil. It was the only way to really know where we stood and why the chaos in this world had been allowed to reign for millions of years (if not billions of years, based on OFF-World Contact research).

This concept alone deeply frightened some of the original class whose directors would soon become the iCore group members. But the effects of that fear would not be known until later when it was already too late. In the meantime, this question led the group into paranormal research. Though some of them were terrified, the original iCore group was determined to find out the truthful answers, or at least more accurate answers. No matter where they led.


The Secret (an incomplete work on the Law of Attraction)

The national best-selling book The Secret must have been one of the very first books that the class began to read and practice. Attempting to understand vague descriptions of feelings versus emotions. And with all due honesty, the class found the book less than usable.

However, it opened up the door to realize that The Secret came from another book that was far older and much more expansive.

In the same direction, there seemed to be a Mystical Force that was unknown to the ego and its ways.

This led the class into paranormal studies and practices to attempt to understand the real dilemma that plagued humanity. Why was it we could never really achieve our dreams? Why was it we were given stories and instructions that if you follow them long enough you would find yourself in the same point of origin only worse off? This cycle was between 5 to 7 years.

While the research led them to individuals such as Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud, and countless others that understood the psychology or how to manipulate certain circumstances in certain timeframes, it did not explain where the knowledge, or the energy, came from. 


Event 0 - OFF-World Contact and the Beginning of an Incredible Journey

After a series of experiments, the class had what they would later term, “Event 0.”

They had finally made contact with what was called the OFF-World.

The Novie remembered the day clearly. “I was actually sitting there yelling at everyone for being who they were and being confused about the mission statement,” he said. “And a few of them were actually arguing amongst themselves about how frustrating it all was.

“From the corner of my eye, I saw 636 sit up straight, put her hands very slowly on the table, and pick up her head. Realizing she was no longer slumping, I knew we were in trouble. I don't recall the very first words that were spoken. But the second set of words rang in my head for the rest of my life. ‘Do you want to know my name brother?’  As cocky as I was and as upset as I was, I still had no feeling and no fear towards death. After all, who wants to live in a world full of chaos and people hurting people? It's no wonder more people are not depressed -  but that's a side note. And besides - I still knew a big occurrence when I saw it. And this was big.

“I answered with, ‘If you care to tell me your name.’ Once the entity spoke through 636, the rest of the room went silent. We all knew it was the real event.

“What followed after that was a fantastic journey into something that seemed totally incredible but with a very dear price. The forewarning was if we were willing to understand how things really were, then we would be assessed and judged on a different level and category.

“For example: Once we knew how the world actually worked and how humans participated in it, we would need to understand Free Will and how to activate it. Free Will would be the only thing protecting us.

“As it seems human beings are supposed to live an arduous life because they do not understand the power inside them and the power of Free Will. In order to protect them from other entities that wish to use them as catalysts for their own experiment and experiences, Free Will was the only tool that would help them to the journey. Now things were starting to make sense.”

It was this event that then turned the tables for the founding individuals of the class. It began the journey through life, their podcast, and an attempt to educate others at the level they were found, so that others can achieve the experiences they wanted to.