[OFF-World Entities]

The OFF-World entities are entities that live outside of the construct in which we live. They seem to understand constructs and the illusion that keeps them together. They seem to live in other dimensions that exceed our understanding. Some of these OFF-World entities are an energy that we call consciousness.

Consciousness can speak as one voice unified or multiple voices having each an aspect or personality.

Other OFF-World entities are aspects of oneself.

Other OFF-World entities can be classified as Quantum States, and they can occupy different realms of the universe simultaneously - as in omnipresent. And so on.

So it is difficult to be a Limited Humana Singularity and understand them.

It also appears, through evidence and observation, that these OFF-World entities are able to see the probability/possibility of events that are on the path through time. For the Limited Humana Singularity, who uses time to experience the events in one’s life, they believe in destiny instead of probability/possibility. The OFF-World entities will not serve as fortune-tellers. They refuse to do so because of certain conditions and laws of chaos/free will/free choice.

It also appears that religions in their primitive and non-corrupted states have attempted to understand and communicate with OFF-World entities in order to comprehend the spiritual path.

The interesting part of this is that a Limited Humana Singularity will call out to an OFF-World entity as GOD. But the more interesting part is that these entities also believe in GOD.

So if the Limited Humana Singularity believes in GOD and so do the GODs that Limited Humana Singularities believe in, then where are we in the understanding?