[The Ego’s Role]


 The Ego is in charge of making decisions.


The known correct manner that the Ego should function is when it is connected through layers of thoughts that are connected to OFF-World. The Adam Kadmon (as per the 64 Keys of Enoch) is the ideal Humana Singularity that is able to Kommune with SOURCE.

SOURCE is the name that means the SOURCE of energy that is all life. Perhaps this can be related to Chi, though Chi has a greater limitation to the GODs or the OFF-World entities.


Of the OFF-World entities, there appear to be two major polarities that we Humans have chosen to say are called Negative Polarity and Positive Polarity.

Here is then the issue. When we look at this from the perspective of science, the word “negative” just means opposing sine wave or value. It does not mean “bad”, nor does it mean evil or incorrigible. The same is true when we speak about positive values.

What a Humana Singularity believes is good or bad always depends on the associations and chemicals of the brain and has honestly very little in common with the reality of Positive and Negative.

There are many different resonances and frequencies that one can feel when communicating with entities. There is a science to it as well as the Limited Humana Complex as to what resonances are acceptable.

So one can see that it is more of a science than anything else. This is what iCore-7 finds interesting.

Curiously enough, we can find evidence in small pockets of information such as the book titled The Secret - Learning the Power of the Law of Attraction. There are also channelers for entities such as Ramtha, and other avenues as well.

According to Outwitting the Devil  (a recently released book by Napoleon Hill), the Ego is an energy form that occupies ½ of the atom, while the other side is also the Ego in the Positive that occupies the other ½ of the atom.

The Ego in the Negative claims that it has control of 98 of 100 people. I think you can draw some conclusions from there if this is true.

Outwitting the Devil is an interesting dictation that is coming through Napoleon Hill. We also have it on our site for analysis.

Note: OFF-World entities have decided that the “Devil” in his writing is actually the EGO in full consciousness, which in turn governs the construct in which we reside.