[Danger of this Material:]

To say that there is a danger to this material is to say that you want to blame your mom and dad for all the mistakes you have done.

For some, the first claim of this material is that it cannot be proven.

But for the team members that went through it - trust that the documentation and the strange things that have happened, the recordings and all the documentation, are proof enough.

It is like the debunkers that attempt to say this is all in the mind. If they would or could define mind correctly then they too would be correct.

The biggest danger that I have noted in the documentation is when others will not release their own opinions, nor their understanding of their own ego and how it works, and the refusal to release the perspective world which consists of belief systems and limited associations.

However, the opposite is true when the individual releases the fear of losing identity and explores the knowledge which encompasses all perspectives and belief systems.

The danger is that The Limited Humana Singularity reaches a state of confusion due to its attachments, and begins to find that the equations holding their fragile illusion together through the use of belief systems are nothing more than equations that fit only the situation that they are in. Therefore the individual remains stagnant and dormant, or worse, is in a state of further confusion. Oddly enough, this same confusion can carry on when a person dies and is dis-incarnated. Much care is taken by Brothers to allow the departed to leave its attachments to its body and go through the white tunnel of light. If the white tunnel of light is not reached by the departed within a certain timeframe, he or she may become a drifter or a ghost.

In the stories that we have read, besides the ones where people are publicly executed, the feeling of wanting to be alone can occur during these types of studies, which may, consequently, lead to depression and even suicide. Out of all experiences, depression should be avoided at all costs. The egoic system starts to shut down and has great difficulty finding its way back.

The story behind the writing of The Law of One has a similar ending, where the one person doing the writing decided to shoot himself before the authorities placed him into forced treatment and sedation. According to the story, it was important for him to retain the correct neurology. But the events that led to that unfortunate turn of events was LOVE used by a Negative Polarized Entity in the sixth dimension.

Perhaps this can be related to the fact that Entities outside of CONSTRUCTS are related more to SOURCE than God or Devil, and Infinite Intelligence is where all forms of knowing is obtained. Entities make it known that the Infinite Intelligence is a lot more than they understand. In fact, some have stated that we all live in SOURCE and that SOURCE is what it IS. So as you can see, there still is a higher power after all.