[ Origin of iCore-1: (inner core 1) ]

The iCore-1 team started as a group of individuals that wanted to work with a critical thinking process in order to overcome the egoic tendencies of isolation and self-sabotage.

It was composed of The Novie and 636. Later other individuals were added to help stabilize the workload that was being presented.

During the research, the Learning How to Learn curriculum that was established. The curriculum was created in a way that as the students learned the information would then be bound and given to them as an active way to learn.

It was after the main body of students left, that the small team of 10 or so remaining would stay behind to make sense in attempting to further understand the systematic equation of communication and self-adaptation. This group of 10 became the iCore-1 Team.

Slowly the team was led to look into government conspiracies, government programs such as remote viewing, psychic phenomena, and the alien research documents.

The Novie, having a military background, had the discipline to dig deeper into materials and keep an objective point of view.

As time progressed, the team began to explore meditation as a tool, and the ability to manifest.

Dictation became one of the direct forms of communication with OFF-World entities. The first entity to establish communication through dictation was Consciousness. As dictation described, the manifestations were being created by the students easily enough. However, there were complications. These complications and unexpected results lead deeper down the rabbit hole as more information gathering was needed.

During the next meetings, one of the students known as ELLE-1 was invited to partake in the meditation events outside the normal class time.

For several months the iCore-1 team would travel to different areas of the nation in order to participate in known spiritual practices, lectures and meetings and observe what common folks were doing and practicing.

Each time something was learned, the team would continue to research in other areas for a more in-depth look.

The team, for the most part, was filled with disappointment.

Soon after about 1 years of giving the Learning How to Learn course, then titled RTE (Retro Time Entanglement), Consciousness asked the classes to be stopped in order to establish a deeper learning. It was time to establish a deeper understanding and better connection that Dictation.

Oddly enough without a single world. The members of the classroom began to go their ways with great rewards. For example, a husband and wife, who had an expired visa where given amnesty, 40,000 and a free freight he could fill without imposed taxes. Their two large food trucks, which were difficult to sell at the time, sold each for $80,000 and with that, they also inherited farmland which they wanted to obtain in their country of origin. - Good luck you Ozzie and Carmen.

Other members of the classroom then began to leave very much in the same way.