[The Project - Become The Source]

To assist individuals to become the source of their inner compass and to awaken individuals to spiritual harmonizing, engage individuals into there inner power, to awaken their inner compass, and guide them into health and wealth.

If there are many ways to affect your lifestyle, then why is it that so few of the people achieve what they really set out to do. What is discovered is that the Ego is self-programmed to self-sabotage. Some of this is due to the media with its overwhelming information that leads to madness.

The other part is the artifact that individuals keep finding from past civilizations without a proper understanding of what is truly going on in the present or what has happened in the past.

And worse is the inability to connect or comprehend Infinity intelligence and how it works.

In order to be part of the solution, BTS has developed a synergy between life, spirituality, and finances. However, all of this has come with a hefty price tag. In love, the small team beings a journey in order to assist individuals through the path of enlightenment and the ability to seek happiness through the expansion of joy, health and wealth.

In order to do so, we needed to explain the conditions in which we live, the conflicts that humanity has had for what seems to be its history, and explore the depth of religion from an angle of discovery.

Of course, this would be an impossible task if we were to do it ourselves. We had to learn what others had done in the past that wanted to become enlightened.

The project was designed on a shoestring budget and a lot of love.