The paradox of inner evolution


The complexity of this dilemma can be found in learning how to learn and egoic system 101. But these are long courses to overtake and interest first has to be built upon which you may then decide to take these courses.


In short, the reason why individuals or limited Humana singularities cannot change or prevent themselves to change is due to their circumstances.


Not curriculum we normally speak of mediocracy. Mediocracy is the ability to have just enough for one day or a week or perhaps a year the empire is to have been built on promises of great fortunes clearly depict this issue with clarity if it is studied. Employment opportunities normally give the masses and that's speaking about almost 96 to 98% of the people only a fraction of what they need to live on. Hence people are occupied by circumstances of survival. Some individuals have two to three jobs in which they use to maintain their food and shelter.


Having to always worry about what your boss thinks of you or your spouse or your neighbor, is a very difficult journey to overcome.


Sleep deprivation and incorrect food consumption occupying the body with the struggle of life.


Finally the lack of information or correctly displayed information by which one could perhaps find a better way.


And let us not forget the neurology of being human. And how emotions chew at the subconscious mind creating havoc and emotional displacement by which we choose to fight one another rather than work with each other.


These are only some of the reasons why The Limited Humana Singularities are entrapped in a vicious cycle of perpetual redundancy.


Is your ego in charge?

 The ego prevents change because it wishes to have a sense of clarity in the sense of safety. Memory is often used as a device or a mechanism to try to achieve upon failures so that it may achieve a success. All successes are designed to be within a perspective. Then the science must match the perspective and so forth.


Beyond these complications The limited Humana singularity and its ecosystem creates conflict with change, adaptation, and evolution. If the limited Humana singularity is driven by its ego, and the ego seeks only to live within the past, you can see that the ego will only change when it has to. Hence there is war.


The new icore team against the odds


Understanding all of these characteristics, events, and things that happened to the group, the new icore would have to work with the very specialized team in order to remove all possible obstacles and derailment from the project.


And the did .

The new icore begin to work in secret for several years,  trying to adapt their communication style to the entities in off-world. Occasionally, they work with individuals that are at the end of their life cycle and transitioning to death. However, these events are far and few in between. The self-help programs such as learning how to learn and retro time entanglement, as well as spirituality 101, have been pushed aside temporarily in order to give way to understanding consciousness, the ego system, and the value of building relationships with off world.


As well, they have also had to engage other off-world entities which have their own vision of the universe in mind. This opposition has been their greatest hurdle yet.


While religious sections still clinging to their old ways only have to worry about the semi-fictional characteristics of demons,in conversing with off-world entities they have come across creations from the angelic realm as well as creations from the darkness.