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When the surviving members of the original iCore group decided to commit to change and live the principles, they have been researching (and eventually, sharing with you now), they knew it would be a lifelong commitment. They knew it would take courage, dedication, and yet an attitude of not taking the self too seriously and not going into an obsession. They also know that by encouraging others to become self-empowered and live life on their terms, they are quietly but firmly rebelling against the status quo in a way that is unintentional but unavoidable. For this reason, they thought that to engage in thinking and learning that allows you to become your own source of happiness, success, and abundance is an act of revolution and ultimate rejection of the mindset that leads to self-destruction. This other mindset is coined by OFF-World Contacts as the DK-V, or the Darkness Virus. The people who choose to actively participate in building and living life on their terms are then considered part of the resistance.

Catalog of Services


The offset of The BOEK is its delivery system through podcasts, storyline, library, classes online, The Ka, etc.

These components were created to facilitate a multidimensional mind or way of conceptually learning.
It enables individuals to seek out their own way of life and still have the information that they need and desire in order to achieve it.

There is one caveat.

When we remove the industry and the e-commerce from it all, you will eventually end up in one of four places:

1. Returning back to what you thought when you were a child
2. Wanting more adventure but not having enough time
3. Becoming the source of that which you believe you want to experience
4. Dead

The idea, in a logical statement:

As The Novie might entertain, it does not matter what you choose today.

You will ultimately have to come to a point in your life where you will resolve whatever issues you have on this plane of existence.

You'll do that in one of many ways.

Hence, our facilitation is to enable you to become better and stronger and enjoy living life on your terms. While doing so, realizing that there is so much more to learn. Realizing that there is a greater universe than you could ever conceive of.

The Plan and Catalog

Depending on which way you understand and process your state of being, the way you interpret an invitation, information, collaboration, and relationships will be varied, accepted, and even rejected.

Take, for example, Edward Bernays. He was Sigmund Freud's nephew. He came up with an excellent way of marketing and strategizing because he saw an opening for how psychology can be used for the purpose of assisting industries to achieve their goals.

Can you escape The Paradox?

In particular: Edward Bernays understood that by repeating things over and over again, people would soon adjust to that being fact or truth. The difficulty here is that you need to hear things over and over again until you learn them or memorize them. Simultaneously, your untrained ego creates a paradox. That type of behavior creates a pattern of believability within the human psyche. 

Let's spell it out. The more you hear something, the more you become familiar. The more you become familiar, the more you believe it. The more you believe it, the more you think it is true and you will act on it. Now you are caught in a loop.

The quick answer: STOP

  • Don't keep telling yourself you are worthless or you can't do it.
  • The Past does not equal the future.
  • Keep up with changes and engage change.
  • Stop being influenced by what you enjoy (because what you enjoy is also a repetition).

Edward Bernays knew this so well.

He convinced the industries to dump their industrial fluoride into the water and to create ad campaigns where people repeat over and over again, in different ways, how fluoride in the water is healthy for you and your family.

Today this is a practice that many countries have abandoned due to the fact that fluoride is an industrial compound and not a medical compound.

He was also responsible for getting America to smoke. 

A simpler example:

In the church, some of us still believe that in the Bible you'll find the words "cleanliness is next to godliness." In reality, the words do not exist.

Edward Bernays was so popular and so good at what he did, that Hitler himself asked him to come work for him before he came into power. Edward Bernays declined - or did he?

Because he wrote his findings in books and papers, and because Hitler had his own scientists and psychologists, Edward Bernays ended up working for Hitler through his works.

You can say that Edward's brilliance was destroying lives overseas as well as locally. If the war did not get you, carcinogens would in the future. Edward Bernays was brilliant, but those folks affected were not so lucky.

But you cannot blame Edward Bernays for understanding the human psyche. You can only blame yourself.


Blaming Yourself and Taking Charge

Blaming yourself means that you will accept the responsibility of changing your life. It does not matter what you change. What matters is that you are aware that you are in charge of that change.

In order to do that for yourself, you would need some services, training, and posturing:

The only way we discovered how to effectively assist you in becoming the source of your own essence was to build a community from the ground up.

The BOEK assists you with this. 

We have partnered with others that can see the vision of creating a more positive you. In order to provide these services, other divisions were established. 



We Point You in the Right Direction

  • Assistance with fine-tuning who you are or want to become
  • Building your own meditations
  • Learning how to find yourself
  • Understanding your ESO-Life
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  • Collaboration
  • ESO-Life Consulting
  • BIBX Consulting



Staying Informed

  • Information Dissemination
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  • Podcast: BlogTalk Radio


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Helping You with Your Life-Long Learning

  • Structured courses
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  • You will need to be sound of mind and spirit



Illness Free, Distraction Free

  • Free consultation with people that will remain with you
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Financial Tips:

Abundance at Multi-Dimensions

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  • Connecting to the higher self
  • Connecting to a doppelganger
  • Astral Projection
  • Higher self-communication
  • Remote Viewing
  • Establishing peace of mind