[Writer’s Note]

The world is filled with vast information about Aliens, Angels, Demons, and lesser creatures that have taken into the world of imagination, wonder, fear, and spirituality.

While every section of the world has had their share of information handed down to them. It only has been up to recent decads where information is easily obtained freely online. 

The main issue we have found is where the mass majority of individuals that use the services online are more interested in following superstition, a clergyman that speaks of belief systems but has not actually walked the path.

Few however have entered the path of Esoteric Knowledge just to find hardship and demise.

Others find the work and become fanatics and follow the fanaticism rather than doing the work.

The BOEK was created as a bridge so those who want to learn may find the safest path.

 It is important to remember that while only two members of the original iCore survived the transition, they are all to be respected as pioneers. Much in the way the heavily regarded business-minded Napoleon Hill wrote Think and Grow Rich, Master Keys Riches and other meaningful books, he did also write another book called Outwitting the Devil.

Internally we all knew there was a problem with being human. There are several methods of dealing with this issue. But we have learned that if you hide it, you will only have to deal with the issues later.

If you fight it, you tire yourself out. And finally, if you ignore it, you will become its victim.

The BOEK contains material that is intended to unlock the issues, but it is not without perils. At least from the point of view of the Human Being.

This project consists of several different writers. However, each one of the writers (main writers) knows the material that we are about to present very well. In fact, it is believed that there needs to be more than one writer in order to be able to complete The BOEK.

Each one of the writers is a participant in the actual storyline and knows of the conditions, suffering, and peril first-hand.

It is without saying that there have been a lot of difficult decisions, as well as experiences, that were acquired during the research of this project.

The style of writing in order to work consists of different phases. 

[ The Narrative Phase ] 

 The Narrative Phase is designed to assist individuals that wish to understand the complexity and the simplicity of The BOEK, by supplying the reader with some information that is basic and somewhat fundamental. However, what is fundamental to one person may be quite challenging to the next. We understand this.

 The difficulty that the narrative phase acquires as a challenge, is the fact that within the realm of the esoteric knowledge, absolutes are considered a scarcity. Take Star Wars as an example. Those who follow the storyline know that Obi-Wan Kenobi says that only the Sith believe in absolutes, while the Jedi do not. 

[The Book of KA]

The Book of KA is designed to abbreviate and generalize an overview and understanding from both a position referencing the Limited Humana and its components within its own construct, as well as the OFF-World Entities you will be learning about.

[History of the BOEK]

The History of the BOEK is a living book that will continue to grow and expand until enough of the content has been written so that one can understand where certain events occurred or how the knowledge evolved.


This is the online version of The BOEK, and it is designed to assist individuals and understand the secrets of The Book of Esoteric Knowledge. 

It is more dense in reading and more instructional. Some have mentioned that this book is complementary to ACIM (A Course in Miracles), The Law of One, Ramtha’s The White Book, and even the Book of Urantia and the 64 Keys of Enoch. It is also meant for subscribers which are spiritually desiring of learning what has been learned and discovered.

It is not intended for light reading, as it invokes the interest of your character to appeal to the ego and attempt to befriend it so the unification of mind, body, and spirit can be achieved.


The library contains smaller additions or smaller books that can be used to help further the study.

It also contains a knowledge base in which you can obtain the meanings and definitions of certain events, times, and jargon.


The forum is designed for the basis of discussion of what is being learned and how it can be applied. You will be able to reach out to individuals that are behind the knowledge of The BOEK and have authority over the content which is displayed.

Each one of these sections has to be written in a different manner, in order for the linguistic, formulaic, and conceptual meanings to join with that which be the experience.




















The first thing to note is that iCore-7 is a drug-free zone. There is no use of alcohol. There is no use of pharmaceuticals other than that of an inhaler for asthma and the occasional Motrin or ibuprofen for headaches, and of course, the occasional medication prescribed by a licensed physician for temporary illnesses and infections.

We use only the best vitamins and minerals available. This is important. Anyone in the iCore-7 team using drugs or abusing alcohol will be asked to leave, unless they pledge to clean up. Why? We think you will understand as we continue to reveal this story.